Branded Photography & Video


We shot product photography for "Xoclad" pastry store in San Pedro Garza, Nuevo León. As well as short viral videos for their social media campaigns.



We were commissioned by Grupo Vidanta & Cirque du Soleil to create "A Day in a Life" commercial for a social media campaign. The story that we created tells a day in the life of the artists before they go on stage..

Branded Video


We were commissioned to shoot a branded video for the spanish tour company “Soltour”. We worked close together with international renowned Spanish Director Susan Béjar, from preproduction to production and co-directed the piece with her. It was shot on location in 4 days, between Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Cobá and Sian Kaan Biosphere Reserve.

Video & Photography

"Mayan Fantasy Tours"

We were commissioned to shoot 4 tour videos & travel photography for "Mayan Fantasy Tours" agency, to promote their different tours they offer to the public.
We developed a road trip narrative, shot, edited the footage and created cinematic images to add richness to the amazing mayan locations.

Branded Video


We were commissioned to shoot a branded video for "Anah Suites" in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We developed a narrative, shot, edited the footage and created chill images to add richness to this destination apartments.



We have been very lucky to collaborate with the Cirque du Soleil and Vidanta staff since the beginning. We were witness of the creation of the theatre, the customs, also we filmed their first rehearsals and all the hard effort that they have put together for this show. We shot footage for their teasers that are on their social media and website.
But this time they approach to us for create a short documentary that could show the work of the crew behind the show.
So we developed a narrative, edited the footage, and created astonishing cinematic images to add richness to the world of “JOYÀ”. Showing a glimpse of what does it takes to pull out one of the best shows in Mexico day by day.



BID is a program from the International Development Bank, that helps working class people to make a career in the hotel industry, in association with the “Riviera Maya Hotels Association” (AHRM). They back up this project, with the help of some public schools & major resorts, to preserve the best human resource after they complete the program.
“JC Creative Tech” Agency commissioned us to create a short documentary that could create awareness and reflect on the work through the past years.

Branded Video


This was a project where we joined creative forces with “Mensajes con Imagen” Agency back in 2014. With the aim of create and produce a promotional video for “CIA” (Centro de Ingeniería Avanzada) at U.N.A.M (Universidad Autónoma de México).  We shot this project during a week in Mexico City.

Live Photography

Music / Events / Festivals

We have shot live events, conventions, tours and festivals around the world for artists like Peter Hook & The Light , Saúl Hernández , Riviera Maya Jazz Festival , BPM Festival , Hop Farm Festival , London Olympics , COP13, Riviera Maya Film Festival (RMFF) among others...

Branded Video


We were commissioned by Price Riviera Tours to create a promotional video for their tour to Sian Kaan Biosphere Reserve. Our main goal was to create a piece with astonishing aerial shots and show the sense of living a great adventure towards the confines of the world.


"A Broken Land"

We team up with “Love The Everglades” & “Filmmgate Interactive Miami” to shoot and edit a Short Eco Documentary in two days at the Everglades, Florida, USA. With special access to the Miccosukee Tribe and other specialists.


Peter Hook & The Light

Peter Hook is a LEGEND, bass player and rock & roll hall of fame artist. He has been successful with two of the most important bands in rock history: Joy Division/New Order. After he leaved NO, he formed a new band call “THE LIGHT”.  This new chapter in his life became our story to tell. We developed a narrative, shot interviews with the band, edited the footage, and created beautiful cinematic images to add richness and texture.